Lolita Manghram, FounderOperation Enduring Fitness is a health and wellness community for members of the U.S. Armed Services, past and present, to include their families and supporters. OEFitness is a "go to" place to learn, socialize and network with the same interests in mind.

OEFitness isn't limited to just physical, but mental, emotional and general wellbeing. Be it health and wellness products, seeking a workout or wellness partner or diet plan from a personal trainer - it can be done through here. A one stop shop website that is the answer to any health and wellness inquiring mind.

For many that are interested in a new direction in life, Operation Enduring Fitness' mission is here to serve YOU! I have studied Sports and Health Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine at American Military University. As a licensed personal trainer through the Cooper Institute for over a decade, I have served as a fitness trainer for U.S. Air Force and have trained abroad to include Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. Through my experience, I can provide you with the necessary tools to obtain your goals.

At OEFitness, you can email, instant video and chat with other members or stop by our shoutbox. You may also review our FORUMS and learn about numerous military and civilian related topics. As an advantage, you are able to locate the following subcategories under each physical activity:

• Diet and Nutrition
• Supplements
• Workout Journal
• Sleep Routine
• Before and After: Progression Pics

Let me know if there is anything that can be done to make your stay with Operation Enduring Fitness more comfortable as your feedback is welcomed.

Thanks and Welcome!

Lolita Manghram
USAF Veteran
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